Samantha Ireland, Owner

As a resident of Santa Barbara for the past three decades, I have a great appreciation of Santa Barbara’s unique ambiance. I have worked in a variety of industries in the real estate field. Prior to the past twelve years in real estate sales, I have worked in the banking and lending industry for 14 years, giving me the background and training to understand the financial aspects of buying and selling a home. These experiences and insights have helped build my robust understanding of the vacation rental market. 

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Business from California State University, Fresno, and I have also attended Westmont College. I am currently a member of several business and community organizations, and maintain a residence in Santa Barbara with my lovely daughters and husband.

My specialties include: Working with buyers and sellers in the residential home market and managing high-end vacation rentals in the Santa Barbara area.
Favorite Santa Barbara weekend activity: Tennis, tennis, and more tennis!
I eat too much at: Los Agaves
You can find me walking on: Butterfly Beach
My favorite local wine/ beer is: Figueroa Mountain
Best trip I’ve ever taken: Thailand with my daughters
Why I love VROSB: I love to share our wonderful city with others and provide them with beautiful and comfortable homes to stay in!

Wendy LaBrie, Accounting

Wendy has been with LYNX Property Management (VROSB”s sister company) since its’ inception 15 years ago, and she has been with VROSB since 2006. She has helped build the vacation rental business to serve the needs of a select group of exquisite luxury and beach oriented properties.

Favorite Santa Barbara weekend activity: Going out to the Channel Islands
I eat too much at: The Palace
You can find me walking on: Hendry’s Beach with my dog & 5 kids
My favorite local wine/ beer is: Ariste
Best trip I’ve ever taken: Pre-kids, it was traveling throughout Australia with my husband on our honeymoon. Post-kids, it was a month-long family road trip to all of the Western National Parks!
Why I love VROSB: The people are easy to work with and they are always trying to make everyone’s stay as fabulous as possible.

Emily McCarthyEmily McCarthy, Operations Manager

Emily graduated from Westmont College in 2018 where she double majored in Political Science and Economics & Business. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she has found Santa Barbara to be the perfect mix of both a busy city and relaxed coastal town. In her spare time, Emily enjoys going on new adventures with friends, listening to podcasts, and petting cute dogs.

Favorite Santa Barbara weekend activity: Coffee at Dune Coffee Roasters then wandering the Farmer’s Market and Art from Scrap on Saturday mornings
I eat too much at: Romanti-Ezer’s
You can find me walking on: Miramar Beach
My favorite local wine/ beer is: Pence Winery
Best trip I’ve ever taken: India! I traveled all around the country in 2015 – the sights, tastes, smells, and faces were all truly unforgettable. Paris for New Years is a close second!
Why I love VROSB: I enjoy sharing what I love with people- so what is not to love about Santa Barbara and the VROSB team? I have learned so much from this great group of people as they tirelessly strive to make each and every guest’s experience in Santa Barbara enjoyable.


Kiffaya Haj, Property Care Specialist

Originally from Israel, Kiffaya lives in Santa Barbara with her husband and kids. Kiffaya attended Santa Barbara City College and obtained an A.S. in Interior Design and Architectural Drafting.

Favorite Santa Barbara weekend activity: Fishing
I eat too much at: Brophy Brothers
You can find me walking on: Butterfly Beach
My favorite local drink is: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Best trip I’ve ever taken: Maui, Hawaii with my husband. We went on a lot of adventures and had a ton of fun; I laughed enough during those two weeks to last a lifetime!
Why I love VROSB: Santa Barbara is a wonderful tourist destination, as well as a great community to live in. Thousands of tourists come to visit every year and I love making their visit very special by providing amazing vacations for our guests. The team at VROSB is so wonderful to work with. All of my coworkers are sweet, fun-loving, enjoy a high level of professionalism, are customer-service oriented, and know the true meaning of team spirit.

LisaLisa Champion, Property Care Specialist & Project Coordinator

Lisa has lived in Santa Barbara for almost 30 years, as it is where she and her husband raised their now adult children. She is excited to be with the VROSB team where she cares for the vacation rentals just as she would her own home- very meticulously! Lisa also assists with office accounting and special projects.

Favorite Santa Barbara weekend activity: Spending time with my husband
I eat too much at: Home
You can find me walking on: Inspiration Trail
My favorite local wine/beer is: All of the establishments in The Mill!
Best trip I’ve ever taken: Annual family trips to Cardinal Village Resort in the Eastern Sierras
Why I love VROSB: I enjoy working with likeminded and dedicated teammates.

Linda Sener, Property Care Specialist & Stager

Favorite Santa Barbara weekend activity:Finding a quiet place to enjoy sunset! There no better way to end a busy week than to sit on the wall (with a glass of wine of course!) above Butterfly Beach. It’s been part of our family traditions for over 35 years. It’s my happy place for sure.

I eat too much at:HOME! I love to cook! But if I’m going out, I always eat too much at Brophy’s! That half a loaf of crusty bread, their fried shrimp, and a pile of crispy fries is my total guilty pleasure! Who needs dessert…more bread, please! 

You can find me walking on: Mission Ridge Road – I start at the Mission Rose Garden, then head straight uphill and complete a 4-mile loop. There are no better views of our stunning city and no better way to get an attitude adjustment!

My favorite local wine/beer is: Melville Pinot Noir, or a super cold Margerum Rose!

Best trip I’ve ever taken: Casparia, Italy. I took a trip in 2018 with four amazing women for a writing retreat in this tiny hilltop town in Tuscany. The following year, I returned to Italy with my husband, John. I feel so blessed to have been able to travel to my favorite country with people I love.

Why I love VROSB:We are a Family. Teamwork and caring are at the core of everything our company stands for. We are there to support one another while working together to assure our guests have the best experience possible, and our property owners and their homes are well cared for. Samantha is not only a tenacious and knowledgeable business owner; she is a caring human being, as are the rest of my teammates. This makes us all feel part of something good, and I like that.

Pete Kimball, Property Care Specialist 

Favorite Santa Barbara weekend activity: S
I eat too much at: Jack’s Bistro & Famous Bagels. I recommend the strawberry cream cheese on anything. Go early as they sell out!
You can find me walking on: The greens. Any opportunity to golf is appreciated, any time, anywhere, any course.
My favorite local wine/beer is: Captain Fatty’s Pale Ale- pale, light, and refreshing
Best trip I’ve ever taken: Spain (2018) An adult affair with family. We spent 8 days in Madrid enjoying museums, landmarks, shopping, food, wine, music, and dancing. Ole! We managed to squeeze in an afternoon at Valencia Beach 600 miles away via bullet train.
Why I love VROSB: I enjoy VROSB genuinely cares about the people who select our services and the team members who work hard everyday. VROSB values and respects the experience which comes from many years in luxury hospitality. I work with dedicated professionals who make it possible for our guests to stay in the perfect home away from home in sunny SB. 

Pat English, Facilities Coordinator

Favorite Santa Barbara weekend activity: Tennis and bike riding
I eat too much at: Shintori Sushi
You can find me walking on: Jesusita Trail or Goleta Beach
Best trip I’ve ever taken: Family trip to Lake Tahoe
Why I love VROSB: The support, talent, and teamwork at VROSB is incredible






Meagan Fonseca, Guest Relations Specialist 

Favorite Santa Barbara weekend activity: Going to the Farmer’s Market & taking a picnic to Elings Park
I eat too much at: Zaytoons, Jane Restaurant, and Natural Cafe
You can find me walking on:  The SB Botanic Gardens with my family
My favorite local wine/beer is: Demetria Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Nior
Best trip I’ve ever taken: To Africa; amazing sights and people in Egypt, South Africa, and especially getting to go on Safari in Kenya!
Why I love VROSB: Getting to work with a caring team of individuals who are dedicated to the business and are always there to help.


Lydia Perez, Guest Relations Specialist 

Favorite Santa Barbara weekend activity: There are too many to name! Fishing, kayaking, off-roading, or having a relaxing day at the beach with my family.
I eat too much at: Los Agaves and anything that has carbs on the menu
You can find me walking on: Summerland, Gaviota, or Refugio Beaches
My favorite local wine/beer is: Syrah from SB Winery
Best trip I’ve ever taken: Costa Rica- we had such a blast zip lining over waterfalls, horseback riding, hiking, spending time at the beach, enjoying the wildlife (the monkeys and sloths were my fave!) and visiting the volcano!
Why I love VROSB: I enjoy working with likeminded and dedicated teammates. The team is amazing and great to work with! Everyone works together to accomplish the end goal of making sure every guest has a memorable experience while staying with us. It is truly a great place to work at!