5 reasons to stay in a vacation rental

Renting a fully furnished home has so many advantages compared to staying in a hotel! Here are just five reasons why choosing a vacation rental (especially a vacation rental with Vacation Rentals of Santa Barbara!) is the right way to go-


  1. Personalized service
    • Vacation Rentals of Santa Barbara strives to know each and every one of our guests. From when a guest first inquires about a property, we want to develop a relationship with them to make sure their vacation rental will suit their needs and we have the information necessary to make their stay a great & memorable one!
  2. Fully equipped kitchens
    • Eating out for every meal can be exhausting (not to mention expensive!) so having your own kitchen to prepare meals in can save you money and offer peace of mind.
  3. Extra space to enjoy
    • This is especially beneficial for those traveling with children, large groups, or pets! Vacation rentals offer extra space that is hard to come by in hotels- like separated living, sleeping, eating, and outdoor spaces. This lets your group fully relax and enjoy each others’ company peacefully!
  4. Privacy
    • We’ve all had that experience- it’s 3am, we’re trying to sleep in our hotel bed, but there is a large party who just got back in down the hall and they are making ALL the noise. Staying in a vacation rental eliminates hotel noise and encounters such as this, and gives you an extra sense of peace and privacy.
  5. All the comforts of home
    • Leaving home, especially for an extended amount of time, can be hard sometimes. Vacation Rentals of Santa Barbara makes it easy. We like to welcome guests to their home away from home, and we work hard to ensure that all homes are well-equipped and stocked with the essentials to make this happen. If you ever discover something missing or not right, we quickly address your needs to make your stay as enjoyable as possible!